Sun And Moon Tattoo #101
Gay, Amateur, 57y
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Watch this space for the next event...
Yes this is real porn so I am looking for fresh meat who want to do it for fun.
If you're exceptionally fit or cute I will pay travel expenses, or for accommodation, but you won't get rich filming with me. But if you're trying to make money why not do a freebie for your OF channel on an xvideos account with over 2 million views and nearly 600 friends?
If you are interested in doing a movie with me drop me a line. Make contact through a direct message on here. Provide a number I can text you with or I will assume you're not serious. Also don't ask if I know 'any women' or can I organise a group to gang bang you. Both questions will incur a very direct response.
Finally I am very definitely bi. I have been with the same woman for over 30 years. In fact I really only have sex with men because men are easy, and women are trouble (something anyone who clicks on the ads on this site would do well to remember ;-). So let's keep the meaningless bump and grind between ourselves lads -it's just easier.